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Foam Cannon exterior wash

Degrees wheels

 Air blast dry vehicle



Exterior Foam Cannon wash

Degrees wheels

Dry vehicle

Clean exterior windows

Apply tire protection

Remove all trash from interior

Quick interior Vacuum Carpets, seats, floormats

Dust/Wipe dash and Panels

Clean cup holders

Clean interior windows



Safely restores and removes heavy brake dust and contamination from wheel faces and barrels for a like new finish.



Foam bath utilizing 2 bucket wash method

Degrease wheels

Scrub and treat tires

Clean exterior windows

Treat exterior paint with carnauba glaze wax



Foam bath utilizing Two Bucket method

Degrease wheels 

Power wash wheel wells

Scrub and treat tires.

Clean engine bay

Wipe door jams

Clean all Glass

Wax and polish paint



Clean behind license plates

Strip wash to remove contaminates

Foam bath utilizing two bucket method with grit guard

Deep wheel cleaning

Power wash wheel wells

Thoroughly wash and dress engine bay

Wash and clean door jambs

Dress all trim with UV protectant

Clean all windows

Sio2 infused ceramic wax applied to paint




Remove all trash from interior

Quick interior Vacuum

Quick interior wipe down



Remove all trash from vehicle

Quick interior Vacuum Carpets, seats, floormats

Dust/Wipe dash and Panels

Clean cup holders

Clean interior windows



Scrub and Vacuum seats

Thoroughly vacuum Carpets and trunk area

Scrub floor mats with carpet cleaner

Clean and dress dash

Clean and wipe down all interior panels

Finish with your choice of scent



Luxury Select interior

 Thoroughly Vacuum all areas of interior

Scrub all carpet and floor mats with carpet cleaner

Seat rails receive tornador blasting

Scrub and Vacuum cloth seats

Clean and condition leather seats if applicable

Clean interior and exterior windows

Finished with your choice of available scent



Luxury preferred Interior

Most Popular   

Meticulous vacuum throughout vehicle.

Clean pedals.

Seat rails receive tornador blasting.

Seats, carpets, and floormats receive hot water extracting.

Leather receives two step conditioning if applicable.

Clean and protect all interior surfaces,and spare tire area.

Finished with your choice of available scent.



Luxury Premier Interior

Tornador Seat rails

Scrub and clean pedals

Floormats receive enzyme hot water extraction

Tornador blast headliner with enzyme solution

Clean and treat all panels with Uv protectant and conditioner

Multi-step air blast and vacuum carpets and upholstery

Seats and carpet receive hot water extraction with enzyme solution and steam clean

Treat leather with two step cleaning and conditioning if applicable

Blow out dirt and dust with concentrated high pressure air

Fine detail brushes used in tight cracks and crevices

 Remove buildup from steering wheel and switches

Clean gauge cluster glass and trim

Scrub dash and apply uv protectant

Blast and brush A/C vent to remove particles

Clean and air vents with enzyme fogger

Interior glass receives antibacterial steam cleaning

Ozone treatment to kill any bacteria and unwanted odors






The Silver Package includes 1 layer of Ceramic Pro 9H applied over the vehicle’s paint, providing protection from the elements and a 5 year warranty. An additional protective layer is added to other areas including windshield and wheels.


  • 1 Layer of 9H

  • 1 Layer of Top Coat

  • 1 Layer of 9H on plastic and wheels

  • 1 Layer of Rain on windshield and front side windows

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