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Trying to decide whether or not it’s worth it to get your vehicles windows tinted? Here at ​Christians Luxury Bubbles we are all about keeping your vehicle it in its top condition and getting the most out of your investment so we made a list of some benefits why window tint is so important.


Preserve your interior Preserve the interior areas of your vehicle like the upholstery, dashboard, which can fade over time by exposure to Harmful UV rays.

UV damage is the main cause of interior vehicle damage.

Having your vehicles windows tinted reduces the amount of UV exposure your interior gets, tinted windows  prevent cracks, fading, and other visible damage especially if your vehicle has leather interior.

Safe Driving Tinted windows help make driving safer. Window tint significantly reduces glare in your vehicle.

Keep your interior cooler  We can all agree no one likes  getting in a HOT car in the summer!

All of the windows films used by Christian's Luxury Bubbles offers some sort of heat rejection and UV protection. Our standard window films range from 30% to 50% heat rejection and 99% UV rejection.

Our Ceramic films Range from 55% to 78% heat rejection and  99% UV rejection. 

Add Privacy - Ever get that feeling the person next to you is just staring when your at a stop? Add some privacy to your vehicle with window tint keep people from seeing inside.

Protect your self and passengers -Wether its taking a trip to the store or taking a family road trip you spend a lot of time in your vehicle. Window tint will offer 99% UV rejection helping protect your skin and eyes.

Set your vehicle apart. -Tinted windows automatically make any car look significantly better looking.  As a exterior modification tinted windows are affordable. Plus tinting your vehicles  windows can give it the luxurious, sleek, stylish look you want.



Do to each vehicles size being different and window sizing pricing varies please give us a call for more info.

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