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why exterior detailing is A Must!


  The reason for exterior detailing is ensuring proper protection for your vehicles exterior from the elements to keep your vehicle looking its best.

Keeping your vehicle in top condition requires proper washing and protecting the paint and exterior components .

A good way to ensure maintaining a top condition vehicles is make detailing part of  your vehicles routine maintenance this should include professional exterior detailing multiple times a year like proper wash methods such as Foam cannon washes with multi bucket with grit guards, high-pressure air drying and Ph neutral soaps 

a decontamination wash ,wheels properly cleaned having a professional detailer apply a professional grade paint sealant , wax or Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating to your vehicles exterior.

These steps will help to preserve your vehicles exterior and paint reduce the risk of oxidation , paint fade and clear coat failing to name a few.


 You might be asking your self, “What exactly is different then washing my vehicle my self or running it through a car wash,?


A proper exterior detail requires specialized equipment ,chemicals and supplies that not every one has access to.

Unfortunately when your vehicle is being washed this is when the most damages can occur if not following the proper techniques.  

After all the reason you wash your vehicle is to remove the dirt ,mud, dust and nasty road salts right?

Automatic car washes and self serve car washes are convenient but can cause more damages then actually help.

 Since they are meant to be quick and easy unfortunately the extremely mud covered vehicle that  just went through before you just filled those brushes with dirt , small rocks and other contaminations and now those brushes will be rubbing against your paint.

Each time a vehicle goes through there is not time to thoroughly wash each brush and bristle so those particles build up over time and cause  micro swirls and scratches on your vehicles paint.

Harsh degreasers and chemicals are also used to make the cleaning process easier and faster this strips waxes sealants off leaving your vehicles finish unprotected.



  Christians Luxury Bubbles recommends our exterior Quick wash 1 to 2 times a month to properly maintain a vehicles exterior.

Choosing a exterior detail package for you -

There are many factors on what will help you choose what exterior detail package will suite your professional detail needs best.

 It will help to take a good look at your vehicle to figure out exactly what you want and need done.

Is the exterior filthy and covered in bugs after that family road trip and can just us a thorough wash? or could the exterior use a deep cleaning and a wax or sealant?


Are you looking to sell the car and need everything in its top condition and look its best to get top value?

Decide what you want done and look through our exterior packages and see what options are available.

If you have questions or need clarification   give us a Call and we would be happy to help!  If you’re unsure about what services your vehicle needs, bring this up and we can help find the right service for you.

If there are specific issues you want  us  to work on, such as scratch removal ,engine bay cleaning , foggy headlights let us know in advance.  This will help with scheduling the correct package and amount of time for the appointment to allow our Professional detailers to come prepared with the right chemicals and equipment to do the job correctly and efficiently!

Now that you have taken the time to see why it is important to have your vehicles exterior detailed regularly we invite you to check out a full list of our exterior services to see what detail package will suite your detail needs best. Christians Luxury Bubbles looks forward to earn your business and hear from you soon!

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